Changing the session timeout in Webcenter Spaces PS5

In Webcenter PS5 (in contrast to PS4) the session timeout needs to be set in the MDS instead of (or along with) in the web.xml in the Webcenter Spaces ear. If it is not set, the web.xml may be ignored and the server uses the default timeout of 45 minutes due to a bug in PS5.

If the MDS custom parameter is not set, then the following warning appears in the diagnostic log:
“Value of custom attribute wcSessionTimeoutPeriod should be an integer”, even though the value in the web.xml exist.

The solution is to export the webcenter-config.xml from MDS and set the default attribute wcSessionTimeoutPeriod. This can be done with the following steps:

Log in to the linux server and open wlst.
cd $FMW_HOME/Oracle_WC1/common/bin
exportMetadata(application='webcenter', server='', toLocation='/tmp/', docs='/oracle/webcenter/webcenterapp/metadata/webcenter-config.xml')

In another linux shell alter the exported file:
cd /tmp//oracle/webcenter/webcenterapp/metadata
vi webcenter-config.xml

Search for the tag <webcenter:custom-attributes /> and replace with:

<attribute name=”wcSessionTimeoutPeriod”>

Set the value to the desired value and save the file.
Go back to the original wlst console and import the webcenter-config.xml file again.

importMetadata(application='webcenter', server='', fromLocation='/tmp/', docs='/oracle/webcenter/webcenterapp/metadata/webcenter-config.xml')

If you have set up a clustered environment with more nodes, then you don’t have to repeat this for the other nodes/managed servers. The value is set automatically. The servers don’t have to be restarted.

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